Sunday, 30 December 2012

150+ Book Challenge for 2013

I've decided to take a 150+ book challenge for the next year!  I thought that sounded like great fun in challenging (and motivating) me to read more (and maybe reading a bit more fiction too!).
150 books is actually quite a lot I realise... but even if I don't complete it, I'll benefit from trying!

Lets see... 150 books in a year is an average of more than 10 a month... gulp... and how many did I read in December?  I'd estimate 5.  Uh oh!  Time to more than double time spent reading :)  But it's what I should be doing anyway!
I've made the decision to apply for a PhD in the New Year... and I'm taking 'books' to not include journal articles, as that's the majority of what I need to be read.  But... hmmm maybe if I bend the rules a bit and include them.  Would that be cheating?  The rules state "as long as the book has an ISBN or equivalent or can be purchased as such, the book counts."  And individual journal articles don't have their own ISBN, but I think the journal itself does.  Hmmm.
OK I'm going to cheat a bit with this and include journal articles!  Then it will be a most useful challenge :)  And one that I can fathom meeting.
So in this post I will keep a running tally of books/articles that I have read towards my challenge, starting January 1st! 
This blog challenge is being held by My Overstuffed Bookshelf.  Do you want to join too?  The page is:
Happy Reading!

2013 Completed Reading List

1. The Wild Life: a Year Living on Wild Food by John Lewis-Stempel

2. The Social Brain and the Shape of the Palaeolithic (Cambridge Archaeological Journal) by Clive Gamble, John Gowlett and Robin Dunbar

3. Human Evolution and the Archaeology of the Social Brain (Current Anthropology) by John Gowlett, Clive Gamble, and Robin Dunbar

4. Origins and Revolutions by Clive Gamble

5. Language the Cultural Tool by Daniel L. Everett

6. The Importance of Conveying Visual Information in Acheulean Society. The Background to the Visual Display Hypothesis (Human Origins) by John McNabb

7. The Identity Model: A Theory to access Visual Display and Hominin Cognition within the Palaeolithic (Human Origins) by James Cole

In Progress
-Breakfast with Socrates by Robert Rowland Smith
-The Origins of Grammar: Evidence from Early Language Comprehension by Kathy Hirsh-Pasek and Roberta Michnick Golinkoff
-The Seamstress by Maria Duenas


  1. Well since you are reading the articles for your PhD, I will let it is a flexible challenge! Thanks for joining!

  2. Hehe thanks Amy! I thiought I might have been beeing a nit cheeky, but I'm stretching the rules so that it's a good motivator! :)

  3. Very ambitious! I think I'm just shy of 60 this year, so 150 would be crazy for me. The only bright side would be all the new books I'd have to buy!

    PhD? That's so awesome! What in?

  4. Me too Christine, I'm probably around 50 this year so it IS a bit of a jump haha. I never thought about all the new books to buy, I look forward to that...

    I'm applying for a PhD in Archaeology :) Then I'll have no choice but to spend my life reading!!