Saturday, 29 December 2012

New Logo... But No Squirrel!

I've sat down and worked out a bit of branding.  I've made a new logo for my Etsy shop as well as my blog here, and tweaked the colours.  My next task is to make a 100x100 banner and see if anyone wants to trade advertising space on their blog ;)

When I originally sat down to make a logo I wanted to have a cute little graphic and I came up with this squirell I scribbled out by looking at a photo:
I like squirrels...
I want to have a squirrel as a logo but squirrels have nothing to do with bookshelf necklaces or crafting.  So I'm not sure how I could achieve this.  Unless the squirrel is at a bookshelf.  That could work... I will have to mull this over.  If anyone has any logo suggestions I welcome them :)  Especially if they include my squirrel.


  1. Does it have to involve bookcases?
    Why can't you just use the squirrel as an extension of how crafty you are and the things you enjoy...?

  2. hi Cory!

    I just saw your post on Book Blogs. I'm now following you.
    Hope you can visit my blog at

    Love your layout and the name is just perfect!