Friday, 21 December 2012

I love wrapping presents!!! ...don't you?

I possibly love wrapping paper
as much as this species tends to
Present wrapping is one of the delights of the Christmas season in my opinion.  You get the living room to yourself, a nice drink ready and the Christmas tunes on, and then you sit down with pretty paper, scissors and tape and have a crafty time.  It doesn't matter if the end product looks a bit like something you might have made in second grade - it's FUN!

I notice a lot though that I might be in a minority of people who like this chore awesome way to spend an afternoon.

In the office I worked at in recent months, I was quickly passed gifts that needed wrapping (ex a boxed bottle of wine was a common thank you gift for speakers etc.) - and I felt not only just because I was the team assistant!  I got the feeling that no one else relished the chance to sit down away from the monitor and play with paper and ribbon for a few minutes.

But why?  I mean, the tools all look pretty, and you stick em all together and it just ends up looking great.  The reason for not liking wrapping surely can't be embarrassment at a lack of skill?  There is none!  It's supposed to look like you just rolled them up and stuck on a bow!

washi tape - better than sliced bread
This year I had pretty washi tape with patterns on it to accentuate my wrapping.  It's honestly thrilled me more than cheesecake or a new dress could.  It's tape!  It has butterflies on it!!!

Come on people... wrapping!   It's so fun!

...isn't it?

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  1. I love wrapping too. I spent 2.5 hours doing it last night! I don't get too crazy- simple brown paper with red ribbon and green tags.