Wednesday, 1 May 2013

It always comes in waves!

Wahhhh, when Coryographies business is quiet, it's really quiet, and when it's busy it's REALLY busy!

Yesterday Etsy posted one of my bookshelf necklaces on Facebook page, along with a tweet, and my page views shot up by 1200 in an hour!  Along with that came quite a few sales, and since I was coincidentally already knee deep in finishing a wholesale order and a few others, busier than usual for April, I'm now officially BUSY!  It's after midnight at the moment, and I need to get some sleep for the 9-5 tomorrow, followed by lots of painting and varnishing in the evening.

It's nice to be busy though.  And I love spending the evenings frantically trying to meet all my order deadlines!  It makes me appreciate that Coryographies is a nice little success :)

Lots of earrings ready for packaging!


  1. The increase in attention is much-deserved! Your pieces are amazing! Congrats and good luck with the work load!

  2. yay! that makes me so glad for ya!