Friday, 17 May 2013

Wyoming! 3 states to go until USA domination!

Amazing!  I was so happy to learn last month that I had a Coryographies order to South Dakota, since that ticks off my 46th state I've sold to.  That left Hawaii, West Virginia, Montana and Wyoming.

But look!  A lovely order has come in from Wyoming, marking my 47th state towards my treating the US like a collectors sticker book.  And it has made me very happy indeed!

Again, like many states, I'm not too knowledgable about this one.  So I've looked up a few facts and read a bit to figure out about the lovely person's state my bookshelf necklace will be sent to.

First thing I noticed - Wyoming is a square.  And it has a buffalo on its flag.  That's cool, I like buffalo.

The capital and largest city is Cheyenne, a name I've heard drawled before in Westerns.  It's also the least populated state.  Wyoming is home to Yellowstone National Park.  I had a video box set as a child of documentaries about the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and Yellowstone National Park.  Nice.

Also, another point to make me nostalgic, the Oregon Trail goes through the state.  All North American children of the 90's know the perils of dysentery and drowning when fording a river because of the much loved computer game of the same name.

Wyoming was the first US state to extend the vote to women, but they have yet to allow same-sex marriage.

It was very easy to find beautiful pictures of Wyoming - it looks like it has a gorgeous and varied landscape, and an interesting unique culture and history.

I think a tour of the States in an old VW hippie van is now definitely in order...

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  1. Congrats and thanks for this post. I learned a few things!