Saturday, 25 May 2013

Etsy Shop Closed for Summer! Reopening in October :)

I've made a drastic decision (AK!), and have closed my Etsy shop for summer :(  I'm going to be busy for the next two months at work, and then I'm off to France for a month again digging.  Once I'm back I will be moving and relocating and starting my PhD - and it's all a bit much to be able to guarantee levels of customer service I want to, and keep up with sales!

So I've made the decision to put my shop in holiday mode until October when I'm settled again :)  Which is in time for the Christmas rush, and I'll be there to make all your bookshelf necklace Christmas gifts ;)

I've never closed my shop before!  Even when I've gone away, I left it open with the message that you can still place your orders, and I'll finish them as soon as I return.  I can't do that this time I'm afraid though - so instead of not being the best Coryographies I can be, I'll have this little hiatus.  I'm a little sad :(  I love my little shop, sniff sniff!

I'm still going to be blogging, doing giveaways (like the one a couple posts below..........!) and sending out my monthly newsletter (sign up on the Newsletter tab or on the right side of the screen)!  I'll be here - just not at the kitchen table sawing and gluing as much!

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