Sunday, 22 July 2012

Cory is a fan: Damson Tree Pottery

Damson Tree Pottery is another maker at In With the Old, the London shop that carries some Coryographies items like my bookshelf necklaces and teapot earrings!

Marieanne makes gorgeous handmade ceramic items from jewellery to tiles to coasters buttons.  My personal favourite are these lillypad coasters:

I can just imagine they look adorable set out on a table.  I usually dont like the look of coasters on the table but these area lovely and decorative, they'd cheer up a room and attract a lot of attention!  I bet they'd look great outdoors as well on an old wooden table for a summer dinner party.

Soemthing else that will attract attention are these daisy earrings:
I love their size!  So pretty and perfect for summer :)  Marrieanne has a pottery studio at the end of her garden, where she makes her pieces and fires them in her kiln.  She also teaches pottery classes and has worked as a sculptor.  If you're in the London (King's Cross) area drop by In With the Old
 and see her work for yourself!


  1. The lily pad coasters are beautiful. Not sure how heavy they are but they could look lovely in a bowl with floating candles. Hope you have a good week.

  2. Hi Cory thanks so much for this lovely blog post!
    all the best with your sales!