Friday, 6 July 2012

Off digging Neanderthals soon!

I'm gonna find ya!
 In addition to being a crafter, I'm also a bit of an archaeology enthusiast - I met my husband on my first archaeological dig!  This summer I'll be hanging up my paintbrushes and bookshelf necklaces and be going on another for a month, in Poitou in France!  There I'll be trowelling around for neanderthals and such, getting inspiration for perhaps some more stone tool jewellery...

I'm think I will leave my Etsy shop open, offering a 15% discount for anyone willing to purchase an item that will not get made/shipped until I return on August 12th.  I hope that sounds like a good idea!  I dont want to entirely close my shop, I think I'd feel a bit sad!

So we'll see how that works.  I did a similar thing last Christmas when I was in York for 2 weeks, though sans discount.  Since I'm gone for 4 weeks this time, a 15% discount in exchange for a bit of a wait on an item might be alright with some people!! :)

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  1. Sounds super exciting! Have fun on your trip! :)