Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Cory is a fan: Mocha's Friends

We all know I love polymer clay, and small things.  Well I love animals too.  Cute ones... like these from Mocha's Friends Handmade Animals and Jewellery!  How sweet is this little owl necklace?

Or these corgi earrings:
Perhaps a corgi on a balloon?

It takes a lot of time and patience to control polymer clay, especially to make two items that match like in her earrings, so I take my hat off to Esther, the creator of these cute pieces (and to her dog Mocha too, the inspiration for the characters!).

I've been making some little mallard ducks earrings and have been having difficulty making them look the same!  It's very tricky... but lots of bright lights and concentration often do the trick.  (Here are my little ducks):


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