Monday, 16 July 2012

Well, I'm off!

Ce ne sont pas mes valises!

Off I go for an entire month, another month this summer without my husband, but hopefully a month with sun (not that that will make up for it!) and an improvement in my French.

Remember my 15% off discount code to use while I'm away ('SUMMER15'), and I'll be back on the 12th of August to post and create any orders.  Make me work hard, everyone!

I'm already really looking forward to beyond this trip, when I return and get ready to move to Oxford with my husband.  Have I mentioned that I'm moving to Oxford?  I am!  My clever husband will be starting university there in October, and I can't wait to be in a town that I absolutely LOVE.

My husband was born in Oxford, and we were married in Oxford, and got to know it really well when his parents lived there for a few years and we visited often.  It always seems sunny.  And it's full of breathtaking architecture, bookshops, cafes, and has tons of plays and public lectures and things to do in the evenings.  For a massive nerd like me, it's like the capital of the nerd-kingdom.

Plus I can basically pretend I live in Harry Potter world, and buy a wand and a cape and become a true eccentric.  It looks like Harry Potter world in Oxford.  Seriously:

Which way to Diagon Alley?

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