Sunday, 8 July 2012

Cory is a fan: Happy Yellow Dress

Happy Yellow Dress is a lovely dress shop run by Debbie Murray, who happens to be the sister of one of my dear highschool friends from Canada!  I absolutely adore her dresses, and the shop name is perfect;  many of her dresses are yellow, and they all make me happy.  Check out this adorable gingham one, which also comes in green and red:

Or this very sweet 50's style dress:
I'm a sucker for yellow, but my husband likes the green gingham one more... hmmmm decisions decisions!  If the sun ever comes out here in Britain, I think this is a definite treat for myself... and a few posts down, those lovely slip extenders I blogged about would be very cute peeking out underneath, hmmmm!

Happy Yellow Dress is also getting a new webpage which will be up soon:

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