Thursday, 2 February 2012

Craft Market future?

I'm very excited, as I've recieved an application for a craft market I'm thinking of applying for!  I'm nervous as I've never done one before, but it's in June so there's plenty of time to prepare and worry.

One thing I have to do before I apply is get Public Liability Insurance in case my bookshelf necklaces "get lodged in someone's eye" as my hubby so plainly put it!  I've shopped around and applied for some, so as soon as I've got the certificate I'm sending off my application and becoming an insured crafty market crafter!

I'm thinking it will be fun to decorate the craft table on the day, with a few old books and a nice table covering.  I think I'll keep it simple... though perhaps I should get some ideas on the web...

Oooh, maybe I could make a banner out of the fabric I just bought!

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