Monday, 6 February 2012

First Sewing Project: Husband Handkerchiefs

I succeeded in my first ever sewing project with my new Christmas sewing machine! 

Isn't it beautiful?  I found it so user friendly, and was really suprised at how simple it was to thread and wind a bobbin, and change settings etc. 

Here is the fabric I planned to use for this project - I used a bit to practise thread settings and find the right tension for the stitches.  Don't mind the tacky chipped nail polish...

So here we go!  I cut out a square of fabric, and double folded the edge over and ironed and pinned it.  Then I sewed around the whole thing and voila!  A handkerchief ready to use.

But I wanted to make it a bit nicer, and so I bought an embroydery hoop and some thread, and drew a stylized 'P' (the husband's initial) in the corner to embroyder over.  Don't be too impressed, I looked for a P picture on the internet and copied!

And here is the finished product!  My first real attempt (7th grade Home Ec doesn't count) at using a sewing machine and embroydering!  The P's a bit lumpy, but the gift serves its purpose!  Hubbiy's even been asking for more...


  1. A lovely first project! Make lots more!

  2. Thanks Pat! I hope I do :) I can only improve... lol